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Unlocking the Best Mortgage Rates in Vancouver, BC: Canadian Mortgage News and Tips

by | Nov 8, 2023

Canadian Mortgage News and Tips

Unlocking the Best Mortgage Rates in Vancouver, BC: Canadian Mortgage News and Tips

In this week’s blog, we thought we should take a look at Canadian mortgage news and tips, and  dive into some critical updates from both sides of the border and take a closer look at how these developments might impact the Canadian consumer. ]

The US Federal Reserve Stands Pat

In context of our blog’s topic, it is important to also note that the US Federal Reserve decided to follow in the footsteps of the Bank of Canada (BoC) with a hawkish hold on their policy rate. This decision means that they are keeping interest rates steady for now but have left the door open for future rate increases if necessary.

In their policy statement, the Fed expressed concerns about “tighter financial and credit conditions” potentially weighing on economic activity, hiring, and inflation. Much of this tightening has been driven by surging US bond yields, which have increased borrowing costs and affected the US economy in ways similar to rate hikes.

Interestingly, after the Fed’s announcement, US bond yields actually fell, which mitigated some of the tightening effects caused by rising yields. The US economy continues to show strong growth, with a 4.9% increase in GDP in Q3. However, this momentum is expected to slow as consumers exhaust their pandemic savings.

This slowdown in the bond market is pertinent to Canadian consumers, especially those seeking the best mortgage rates in Vancouver, BC, as it may impact global economic conditions that ultimately affect local mortgage rates.

Canadian Employment Data for October

In Canada, employment data for October revealed the addition of 18,000 new jobs, slightly below the consensus estimate of 23,000. Despite the job growth, the annualized unemployment rate increased from 5.5% in September to 5.7% in October as labour-force expansion outpaced job creation.

Average annual wage growth also slowed from 5.0% in September to 4.8% in October. This data points to a labour market in which supply and demand are approaching balance. The moderate reduction in wage growth indicates that labour costs are easing, albeit not enough to alleviate the Bank of Canada’s concerns about inflation.

For those in Vancouver looking for the best mortgage rates, these statistics are crucial, as the overall health of the Canadian economy plays a significant role in determining mortgage rates.

Canadian GDP Data for August

Recently, Statistics Canada reported that the Canadian GDP remained virtually unchanged in October, marking the second consecutive flat monthly print. This data strengthens the consensus that the Bank of Canada has finished its rate hikes for the current cycle. 

This is exciting news, however, it’s essential to note that slowing economic growth is not sufficient to address the central bank’s primary concern: high inflation. The Bank of Canada remains committed to taming inflation, and any policy changes will be guided by this priority. We are hopeful that we are in the right direction, but it is important to understand that improvements will be gradual over the course of months to years. 

The BoC’s Testimony to Parliament’s Standing Committee on Finance

Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem had some strong words during his testimony to the Standing Committee on Finance. He expressed concerns about government spending potentially adding more to demand than supply can support and urged policymakers to consider the inflationary impact of their actions.

Governor Macklem also emphasized the importance of monetary and fiscal policy working in harmony to manage inflation effectively. This implies that he believes these policies may not be aligned currently.

Furthermore, Governor Macklem pointed out “structural supply shortages in our housing market” as a key factor contributing to inflation. The Bank of Canada has expressed concern about rapid population growth driving strong housing demand and leading to a structural lack of housing supply.

This direct criticism from the central bank governor is a rare occurrence and highlights the urgency of addressing housing issues. It’s an essential point for anyone in Vancouver, where the real estate market has been a focal point of concern and interest.


In conclusion, staying informed about the ever-changing mortgage landscape is crucial, especially when seeking the best mortgage rates in Vancouver, BC. The recent developments, including the Bank of Canada’s hawkish stance and the ongoing housing concerns, highlight the need for vigilance in your mortgage decisions.

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