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Unlocking Financial Opportunities: Navigating Private and Alternative Financing for a Secure Tomorrow

by | Jan 20, 2024

Unlocking Financial Opportunities: Navigating Private and Alternative Financing for a Secure Tomorrow

Unlocking Financial Opportunities: Navigating Private and Alternative Financing for a Secure Tomorrow

In the dynamic landscape of mortgage financing, traditional options like banks, credit unions, and monoline lenders stand as stalwarts of the financial world. However, life’s intricate tapestry, coupled with unique financial situations, often renders individuals ineligible for these conventional avenues. In such instances, the realm of private and alternative financing emerges as a beacon of hope, offering tailored solutions to those who may not fit the traditional lending mold. In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll delve deeper into the world of private lending, examining its benefits, eligibility criteria, terms, and the essential documentation required.

Understanding the Three Levels of Financing:

  • Traditional Lenders: The stalwarts of the financial world—banks, monoline lenders (accessible exclusively through Mortgage Brokers), and credit unions.
  • Private Lending: Crafted for individuals facing unique challenges, such as business-for-self, past or current bankruptcies, challenged credit, life-altering events like divorce, consumer proposals, and low reporting income.
  • Alternate Lenders: With a down payment minimum of 20%, these lenders offer increased flexibility in debt servicing (up to 48%/50%).

Key Considerations for Private Lending:

Down Payment and Terms:

  • Down payments vary based on the client’s circumstances, the nature of the property, and the individual lender’s preferences.
  • Private mortgage terms typically span 12 months but can be structured as open-ended, allowing for early payoff with penalties outlined in the contract.

Interest Rates:

  • Interest rates on private mortgages exhibit a broad range, from as low as 5.99% to as high as 19.99%.
  • Rates are influenced by factors such as the down payment amount, the client’s creditworthiness, and the specific terms set by the lender.

Additional Fees:

  • Private lending entails a lender/broker fee, paid directly by the borrower, often exceeding the basic interest cost.
  • In addition to the lender/broker fee, borrowers may encounter administration fees and renewal fees, contributing to the overall cost of private financing.

Documentation Requirements:

  • Documentation varies among private lenders, but in general, these lenders prioritize the marketability and selling potential of the property.
  • Essential documents include an appraisal, reflecting the property’s marketability, and occasionally, additional documents like bank statements or discharge papers from a bankruptcy.

Conditions and the Closing Process:

  • Private lenders may set specific conditions for borrowers, such as requiring satisfactory fire insurance or a good faith deposit.
  • After meeting these conditions, the mortgage file is transmitted to the client’s lawyer, who finalizes the transaction, including details like the down payment and outstanding fees.


In scenarios where traditional lending avenues prove elusive, private lending emerges as a resilient and viable alternative. The key to navigating this financial landscape successfully lies in partnering with a knowledgeable mortgage professional. 

At GLM Mortgage Group | Dominion Lending Centres, our expertise and extensive network ensure not only sound decisions but also steadfast support throughout the financing journey. 

Consider private financing opportunities with confidence, and reach out to us at any time. Experience our commitment to providing prompt responses within 90 minutes and let us guide you towards securing a financial future that goes beyond mere transactions, paving the way for a better tomorrow and a more secure financial footing.

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