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Strategy vs. Rate

by | Jun 25, 2012

Greg Williamson posed a great question recently. “What do I have to do that would allow me to win even with a higher rate?” If you can answer this question you are likely already successful in the mortgage industry.  The problem is most people cannot answer this question.
Greg goes on to say:

“So how do we compete with a higher rate?  It’s all about delivering a strategy to our clients that they understand and most of all value.  What our clients value will vary depending on many different factors which we need to take the time to investigate and understand.
Once you know what your client values you need to nurture them along to the point where you have earned the right to help them achieve what they value.  This is very different from making a sale.  If you view every client as a $20,000 client for life, you will deal with them and invest in them very differently than if they are a $2,000 commission today.”

The main goal is to have strategies in your “back pocket” that can help you help your clients achieve their goals.

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