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Unlocking Real Estate Success: The Power of a Trusted Mentor and Strategic Accountant 

by | Jun 6, 2023

Real Estate Success

Unlocking Real Estate Success: The Power of a Trusted Mentor and Strategic Accountant 

Are you ready to embark on your real estate investment journey? It is a big deal and not to be taken lightly. For this reason, not only should you do all the research you can for real estate success, but you should surround yourself with the type of team that will help you get the most out of your investments and allow you to gain the valuable knowledge that you need to succeed.

Mentors are going to be a crucial first person to add to your team that will provide you with someone to trust, someone to give you the wisdom you need, and someone you respect. Around the same time you look for a mentor, you will also want to look for an accountant.  

Last week we talked about the team element of investment portfolios, and how you want to equip yourself with talent and people you can trust when unlocking real estate success. Main elements of this team must consist of a mentor, an accountant, a lawyer, a mortgage broker, a realtor and a home inspector. 

Today, we are going to talk about 2 of those key elements; a mentor and an accountant. Both play strategic roles to your success and are important components to consider. Bringing two strong people in to fill these roles will be beneficial for your long term future in your real estate investment portfolio. 

Navigating Real Estate Success: The Power of a Trusted Mentor in Real Estate Investment  

A mentor is someone who will give you the direction on how you should move forward based on what you are hearing. They could give recommendations for who you need to talk to and who you should talk to. 

A mentor should never be taken lightly. It needs to be someone you can trust, someone who has had success before, and someone who respects you and your desires as a person but also your desires in your real estate investment portfolio goals.  

You hear it every day that the people you surround yourself are a reflection on who you are as a person. Every role can not be played by the same person in your life, but every person that you surround yourself with brings value in some way, whether it be love, laughs, fun, mentorship, balance, or whatever characteristic that influences you for the better. 

You want to find this mentor that has the characteristics that will not only push you to succeed, but will also serve the right balance to your strengths and weaknesses. Alongside these strengths and weaknesses, your mentor can help pick out the rest of your team for you based on their personal success and the people who would match the goals you are trying to achieve. 

Just because your mentor is more experienced, does not mean they will give you the blueprint to everything you need. You still know your goals best and know how to achieve them, but you need someone to help reel those in positively and make sure you do not overstep or understep in a big decision.  

Maximizing Financial Potential: Unlock the Secrets of Real Estate Investor Accountants 

You want to make sure you align yourself with an accountant that will help you achieve your goals. The best accountants in this scenario are seasoned real estate investor accountants. You will want to find one that will help you determine the right business structure to protect your investments.  

There are different elements that an accountant will help you consider, such as incorporating your business federally or provincially or going sole proprietorship. Both have different risks, but have different tax implications that a trusted CPA accountant will know up their sleeve.  

Other risks come with real estate investing based on how you run your accounts and what you write off, and each route looks different and can yield contrasting results.  

An accountant is not someone to skimp out on, and making sure it is someone you can trust, but more importantly, someone who knows the real estate market inside and out is crucial for real estate success.  

Real Estate Success: Conclusion 

In conclusion, the mentor and accountant are two key elements that play vital roles in the success of your real estate investment portfolio. A mentor provides guidance, recommendations, and support based on their experience and success. It is crucial to find a mentor who you can trust and who aligns with your goals and desires. Their role extends beyond just providing a blueprint but helps you navigate important decisions while balancing your strengths and weaknesses. 

Similarly, an accountant specialized in real estate investments is essential for achieving your goals. They assist in determining the appropriate business structure to protect your investments and help you understand the tax implications associated with different approaches. The expertise of a trusted CPA accountant, who is well-versed in the real estate market, is invaluable. 

Surrounding yourself with the right team, including a mentor and accountant, is crucial for long-term success in real estate investing. Each member brings unique value, and their collective expertise will help you make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and optimize your investment portfolio. By carefully selecting individuals who align with your vision and goals, you can build a strong foundation for your real estate journey. 

At GLM Mortgage, we understand the importance of mentors and accountants in your real estate journey. Although we didn’t discuss mortgage brokers in this article, we’re here to offer insights, accountants, and the best routes to take when starting your real estate investment portfolio.

Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to assist you on your path to success!  We may not have talked about mortgage brokers in this blog, but we can offer opinions on mentors and accountants and routes to take when starting a real estate investment portfolio. Call us today and we will be glad to help you! 

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