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Mission, promise & Values

Our Mission

We Get You a Fast “YES” at the Sharpest Rate… Guaranteed!
– Geoff Lee, President GLM Mortgage Group

Our Promise

GLM Mortgage Group is dedicated to providing the best client service associated with obtaining financing for property purchase and refinancing. We
educate our clients so they’re prepared when taking on a mortgage, and remain committed to them throughout the life of their mortgage and beyond.

GLM Mortgage Group is a leader in the mortgage brokering industry through:

  • An active team of professional mortgage specialists who ensure that no stone is unturned when searching for a lender that will best facilitate
    clients’ needs
  • A value system based on honesty and integrity that’s reflected in lender negotiations and communication with each client
  • Exceptional availability – we return calls in 90 minutes
  • Experts committed to ensuring clients’ mortgages are properly arranged and following up on future requirements such as refinancing or other property investments
  • Experience that ensures each client’s unique needs are met
  • Educated mortgage specialists who are life-long learners and remain current with mortgage news and trends
  • Innovative approach to adapting lender guidelines to fit client needs

Our Values

GLM Mortgage Group | Dominion Lending Centres values people. We believe in honesty and integrity, which will always result in straightforward and reliable communication with our clients.