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The Vancouver real estate prices are thriving and for many good reasons. For starters, Vancouver is a terrific place to live—it’s a vibrant city with a truly cosmopolitan feel set amongst the breathtaking beauty of British Columbia. Vancouver has everything: beautiful beaches, coastal parks, towering mountains, and a bustling harbor.

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Top Reasons For Buying Vancouver
Real Estate

  • Buyers within the Vancouver real estate market are spoiled when it comes to choice—the city was designed and laid out including a large selection of extensive homes and residential properties. With everything from single, detached family properties to lofts, condos, and exclusive real estate, Vancouver real estate has something to suit everyone.
  • The natives are friendly—no, really. Vancouver is a pretty large city, but there is an incredibly friendly feeling about it. People who live in Vancouver treat their city and the people in it with a sense of community and pride.
  • The Vancouver real estate market provides some great opportunities for investors. Vancouver real estate prices are soaring with little sign of slowing down; this place is popular with Canadians as well as foreign investors.
  • You can shop till you drop in Vancouver. The shopping is phenomenal with a profusion of top end shops on Robson Street and independent, often quirky, boutiques in Gastown, not forgetting the more casual appeal of Granville. That doesn’t even take into account the bustling Pacific Center—Vancouver is a shopper’s paradise.
  • Entertainment is abundant in Vancouver. No matter what floats your boat, there is something perfect readily available. Nature lovers love it, there are some awesome nightclubs, and there are many superb restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets—there’s always something going on in Vancouver.
  • Another reason why people flock to Vancouver and buy up Vancouver real estate is the great variety of employment opportunities that can be found there. Vancouver is a bustling center of industry and shipping, offering an abundance of employment prospects.
  • Vancouver has a fantastic choice of both private and public schools—there’s a safe, successful school to be found in each and every neighborhood. Vancouver is also home to many of the best universities in Canada.
  • The climate of Vancouver is definitely the most attractive of that of all Canadian cities. It is certainly the warmest city Canada has to offer, which is another factor that makes Vancouver real estate so attractive. Beautiful sandy beaches with the right weather to make the most of them—superb. It does get its fair share of rain (it did used to be a rain forest, after all), but that just helps to make Vancouver greener, fresher, and more beautiful.
  • Business is booming in Vancouver with unprecedented expansion over the last 20 years or so. Investment in the Vancouver real estate market makes good business sense.
  • Vancouver is a beautiful city to live in, work in, play in, and walk around in. This place has a natural beauty with mountains, trees, beaches, and lakes—even people who live in the very center of the city can walk to Stanley Park in a matter of minutes. People who love the eclectic mix of the great outdoors and the bustle of the city could not find a better place to live than Vancouver.

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