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Annual Mortgage Review in Vancouver

There is a lot that can change in the real estate market and the economy from year to year. As a homeowner with a mortgage, it is important to make sure that you are getting the most savings possible. A mortgage review company can help you out with this. What many homeowners do not know is that your mortgage can be reviewed on a yearly basis. Through this review it is possible that there is a chance to cut down on the monthly payments. For our existing clients, we offer an annual mortgage review to see if they are eligible to increase their savings.

Annual Mortgage

Our annual loan review services start by collecting all of the necessary information on your mortgage and portfolio. We use and analyze this information to make sure that the potential savings you could achieve are optimized. Once we have gone through all of the information collected, we will present it to you in a manner that will help you understand your current situation. Your annual review report will provide you with detailed information about items including your mortgage, current payments, total debt, and how long it will take to pay off the current mortgage as well as what your potential mortgage payment could be. In addition to these details, we will also include the current total debt balance that you have. Along with this, you will receive the suggestions we have for increasing your savings potential.

There are a number of different pieces of information loan review companies will need to get you started on an annual mortgage review. If you are not an existing customer with our mortgage review company, please contact us so that we may help you with our annual loan review services. Here are some examples of the information we will collect:

  • Your starting mortgage balance
  • Your current mortgage balance
  • Your current lender or lenders
  • Your current mortgage interest rate
  • The end date of you current mortgage
  • The amount of interest you have paid on mortgage
  • Other existing debt
  • The frequency of your payments
  • Your current monthly payment amount

We will use this along with other information to assess what your current situation is and how we can best help you increase your savings. Many homeowners will stick with their current mortgage and not have it reviewed by any loan review companies, which means they may be missing a lot of potential savings. It is important to take a look at your mortgage and other investments on a yearly basis to make sure you are still on the right track.

There are many benefits that are possible from undergoing an annual mortgage review from a mortgage review company besides the one where your mortgage currently is. You are better able to keep track of where you money is going, and you will be able to save more of it. Real estate is a great place to make investments, and if want to make sure that you are getting the most that you can out of your investment we suggest our loan review services take a look at your mortgage. We may be able to help you determine how to increase your return on investment as well as maximize your possible savings.

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