Investment Property Team: Align Yourself With a Grade A Team

May 31, 2023

Investment Property Team

Investment Property Team

Why is it important: In life it is not only about the person you want to be, but also the people you surround yourself with, because they help shape you into the person you want to be. When starting an action plan with Investment Properties, you will want to have a good team around you consisting of a mentor, a lending broker, an accountant, a home inspector, a property manager , a realtor and a solicitor. You will want to make sure they all have proper experience and can help you reach your goals.

Investment Property Team: Introduction

Last Week we discussed Investment Properties and how it has a bunch of aspects to consider. As we have discussed in the past on many blogs, the personalities of your mortgage are just as important to consider as the rate. With Investment Properties you will want to understand all parts of a mortgage, but also so many other elements. Today, we are going to talk about another very important element; the team you surround yourself in.

There are a lot of things to consider when going into investment properties, and that is why we are going to split this topic up into a few different blogs. Today, we are going to talk about another very important element; the team you surround yourself in.

Investment Property Team

As we discussed in last week’s blog, preparing for a successful real estate portfolio involves anticipating its growth beyond just 2-3 properties and envisioning its expansion to include 7, 8, 9, or even more properties. To ensure such growth, it is crucial to assemble a strong and capable team around you.

Your team should consist of various professionals who can contribute their expertise and support to your real estate ventures. Among the key members, you will want to have a lending broker, an accountant, a home inspector, a property manger, a realtor, a solicitor and of course, a mentor. These people can help you accomplish your goals and be ready for any possible obstacles that will come along the journey.

You should not just hire anyone for this role though, as you want to be particular.

Investment Property Team: What To Look for in Team Member

When building this star studded team, you will want to make sure each of them have experience in this realm of work. If they are used to helping investment properties and have a great track record, then they are more likely to be exactly what you need and help you create guidelines along the journey.

By building a team of skilled professionals who share your vision and have a proven track record, you can enhance your chances of achieving success in real estate investing. With their collective expertise and support, you will be well-prepared to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities as you grow your portfolio beyond your initial expectations.

Additionally, it can be helpful in some of these people may be investing with you, as it creates a team that has even more invested in the success. This is not necessary, but can be an additional boost.


The team you surround yourself with is a critical element when venturing into investment properties. As we have discussed, building a reliable and competent team is essential for long-term success in this field. A team comprised of a lending broker, account, home inspector, property manager, realtor, solicitor, and mentor brings together a range of expertise and support to help you achieve your goals and overcome obstacles.

When selecting team members, it is important to prioritize individual switch experience and a proven track record in dealing with investment properties. Their familiarity with this realm of work will provide valuable guidance and enable you to establish effective guidelines for your investment journey. While it is not necessary, having team members who are also investing with you can create a sense of shared commitment and further enhance the team’s deduction to success.

We are happy to be the lending broker in your journey, and with the experience and expertise we have, we know we would be a strong asset on your team. Feel free to give us a call today.

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