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Imani Home of Love Recap | by Geoff Lee

by | Mar 27, 2017

SAM_1095 (2)I sit in my office and try to reflect on our 19 days spent in Kenya, East Africa
Many of you do not know that my wife and I have a children’s home in Kenya that supports north of 80 orphaned children and their everyday needs. To see a full list of what we provide each child with (and how you can help) please check out the website!   Most of our Imani kids have no parents and come from a back ground and need that no one could ever or want to imagine.
We traveled (my wife and two teenaged sons) north of 30 hours to get to Africa and once arrived were welcomed by our Kenyan brother, Derick with a big small and a warm hug.  It was good to return to our second home!  We soon connected with 12 others that travelled from Abbotsford and Alberta to do mission work in and throughout this great country and within the Imani Home of Love.
What we did in 19 days was nothing short of a miracle. In the short period of time we accomplished a number of tasks:

  • We planted and built our first church
  • We drilled our first well (220 meters) in the dry Masai
  • We preached the gospel and spread the word of Jesus Christ to the Masai people within their remote villages.
  • We painted and built a toilet in our orphanage

But BEST of all reconnected and loved on all our Kenyan Children in The Imani Home of Love (our orphanage)
SAM_1028Nothing can ever replace the feeling of giving back to the people and country that you love and that so desperately need it.  Sadly after 19 days we returned with saddened hearts but knowing that we are set to return very shortly (my wife travels to Africa up to 4 times a year AND my family no less than once a year) to continue to do god’s work in and throughout Kenya and the Imani Orphan Care Foundation.
I invite you to check out the Imani Orphan Care Foundation and encourage you to get involved? – you never know we just might see you on our next mission trip?

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