Have Some Sweets On Us For The Kids of Kenya

Jan 24, 2014

Have Some Sweets On Us For The Kids of Kenya

Imani Orphan Care is a Canadian non-profit organization that supports children and families in need in Kenya.

These precious children were abandoned by their families, orphaned or rescued from an unhealthy situation. We support these children through child sponsorship and self-sustaining projects.

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Here is a recent testimonial from our Facebook Page:

“Imani Orphan Care a non-profit organization that reaches out to kids using Gods love. I remember first meeting Kim, the founder of Imani, and seeing her beautiful heart for these kids. Painting a picture in my head as she explains the devastation and poverty these kids go through every day. It broke my heart and I know it breaks hers too. But with the help of God, Kim has brought hope to Gods amazing kids of Kenya. She has helped them see a future and a destiny. I want to honour Kim and her family for being Gods hands and feet and bringing the word to life for these people that otherwise would have probably never heard the gospel. She is an amazing, beautiful, brave woman of God. She continues to trust God and He never lets her down. We could learn something from Kim and her faith. When things are trailing down hill in our own lives trust God because in the end He has your best interests at heart and knows what’s best for you. Praise The Lord, glory to God all the time! He surely and truly has Kenya’s children in the palm of His hand! Thank you for supporting Imani and Kim! You are a blessing!”

Kim is my amazing wife, and we are both very moved by these kind words!
Imani Orphan is holding a fund-raising event in Abbotsford on February 3rd, 2014.  Click here are those details.
See you there!

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