Very Receptive & Professional

“It was my realtor Natasha Kosch who referred me to GLM Mortgage Group. I had already been approved for a mortgage through my bank but the total amount they wanted to lend was not enough to invest in a decent rental property. I didn’t even know that my problem could be solved by a mortgage broker. Someone unknown to me assigned Geoff Lee to be my mortgage broker. Geoff was very receptive and professional and above all he was prompt in getting back to me every time I had a question. He offered to approach my bank again to see if they could raise the loan amount. Over the course of one month I corresponded with Geoff faxing in all the necessary documents. His instructions were easy to follow and he sent me a welcome package in the mail. If there was one thing I enjoyed was how I was kept in the loop while still accommodating my work schedule. I was lucky and will benefit from my relationship with Geoff Lee. His English was impeccable and knowledge and grasp of economics and Lower Mainland issues was good too. I highly recommend Geoff to anyone seeking a mortgage broker.”