This Man Was My Miracle!

“My experience started with this company at a time in my life where I decided to take a stand and leave a bad situation. I had been to lawyer and was told to proceed with a mortgage broker and TRY to get a mortgage so I could take over my family home. I tried many top mortgage companies in my city and all said no I could not do it. I could not stop until I tried all places, I needed to keep this house. One night at 1am I found GLM online and did my research, at 3am I sent in my application. Feeling that my life was over and my ex husband again took everything from me, I went to bed and wished for a miracle. At 8am the next morning I got a call from Geoff, not from an assistant or someone in the office or a mass email. A personal call from him. He took the time and listened to my long winded story and with a calm and collective voice told me he could help. My heart stopped, I lost all feeling in my body. The next couple of days were crazy busy getting things together but he did it he got me a mortgage. BUT legal crap and ex husband all put things on hold. 9 MONTHS later and many emails and phone calls ( I mean ALOT), Geoff was still there fighting for me and waiting for the day I could proceed ahead with my mortgage. The day finally came and within a day he got my mortgage and has gone above and beyond. I have never met Geoff personally and I honestly look forward to the day I can. This man was my miracle. He was not only my mortgage guy but in a way became someone I leaned on and trusted with all my heart. I hope you get to experience working with him and getting to know Geoff, I hope he touches your heart and makes you as happy as I am today.”