Fantastic From the Start

“ I write this a year after getting my mortgage with Danny at GLM. Danny was fantastic from the start and made the whole experience of getting a mortgage pretty much painless. From answering every single question I had with great detail to literally coming to my work to pick up documents, it was great. Fast forward about 11 months. I emailed Danny with a couple questions about mortgages and what not and I get the same friendly, detailed response I got before. It is great to have someone you know who is going be there for you when you need them or have questions. 10/10 recommend Danny. Today, I got a call from Geoff because my one year mortgage anniversary is coming up this month. It was nice to have someone check in to see how things were going. I had a couple more questions that were on my mind answered and to be honest, had he not called I probably would’ve missed the anniversary and not been able to up my mortgage by a few percent! Good people at GLM Mortgage Group!”