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Investment Property

Partners who owned more than 10 investment properties together wanted to buy one more. One partner lives in BC and the other in Manitoba.
Due to the amount of debt associated with the existing properties, one partner had a very low credit score. One partner’s income qualified but the other partner is self-employed. The combined mortgages outstanding for all existing properties is over $1.3 million. They have a down payment of 25% for the future investment property, but lenders won’t allow ownership of more than four residential properties. Thankfully, GLM Mortgage Group had a solution.

Let GLM Mortgage Group guide you through the process of purchasing an Investment Property .  Call us now at 604.259.1486.

Purchase Price Of Home




Credit Scores

712 & 643

Mortgage Solutions

Used a lender that applied the rental surplus of the numerous properties to offset liabilities. The lender did not limit residential mortgages using a 30-year amortization.

Requested Mortgage Amount


Income Documentation

Notice of Assessment for last two years
Letter of Employment and most recent pay stub
Verification of Business for Self
Lease/rental agreement/mortgage statements and details for all properties

Total Debt Services Ratios


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