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Bank Says “No”

A single young female was refinancing her home after a common-law relationship ended. After working for seven years, she found herself on disability for a work-related injury. When she approached her bank to discuss her options, the only suggestion they offered was to sell her house. Thankfully, the GLM Mortgage Group team stepped in and helped her.

Purchase Price Of Home




Credit Scores

702 & 817 (Father who was her co-signer)

Mortgage Solutions

Using a 35-year amortization, the GLM Mortgage Group was able to secure a new mortgage that covered her present mortgage and consumer debt. Her father, who had excellent credit and a strong financial position but little income, was able to co-sign. GLM Mortgage Group had a solid relationship with a local credit union that recognized the value of the co-signer and provided a solution.

Requested Mortgage Amount


Income Documentation

Working contracts
Bank statement reflecting deposits for disability
Confirmation of property details including mortgage statements and strata fees
Separation agreement
Standard documentation for disability (daughter) and pension (father)

Total Debt Services Ratios

46.994% (Due to the relationship with the GLM Mortgage Group and overall strength of her file, the lender made an exception)

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